Szabolcs Molnár

I wish You a pleasant journey into the world magic,
mentalism and mystery.
I hope You can find the show
that is suitable for you.

Yours sincerely,
The Mentalist Magician


Szabolcs Molnár and his shows will make your event memorable, whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding or a birthday party. These are only a couple of examples, the possibilities are up to your imagination!

Stage Show

The show Szabolcs dreamed up, while he was working on cruise ships. This show combines magic and mentalism in a unique way. It’s completely interactive, the thoughts and feelings of the audience play a large part in it.

It’s a stunning, visual performance with a lot of humor, that will give something to talk about, even after the show is over. The audience gets to see a variety of magic and mentalism, from the world of mathematics all the way to suggestion and telepathy. The spectators will get to know how it feels like when someone is reading their minds and occasionally Szabolcs will involve the entire audience in the show!

This show is recommended for bigger events, corporate parties, mostly for adult audiences.


Close-Up Show

Performing magic close-up is suitable for any kind of environment. It's always more memorable for the audience to see the miracles created by magic and mentalism, right in front of their faces.

The style of the performance is exactly the same as the stage show, the only difference is that the performer is walking around the spectators / tables and amazes everyone or he is the one who is sitting at a table and people sit or stand around him while he is doing the show.

This show is recommended when there is no stage or not enough performance space. It's perfect for cocktail parties, weddings or to spice up smaller events. If you are having a partner meeting, it’s ideal to break the ice between the guests.




Check out some of the pictures taken during performances and photo shootings or visit Szabolcs Molnár's YouTube channel for video footage.


Szabolcs Molnar was in love with comic books and superheroes ever since he was a little boy, this is part of the reason why he became involved in the world of magic and mentalism, in 2007.  

He was already performing at several events in his high school years and earned a silver medal at the Corodini Magic Competition in Hungary.
After that, he started to build up his mentalism performances, those that took him to be a participant in one of Hungary’s biggest television shows, „Csillag Születik”.
Also he was working around the children’s hospitals in Budapest for over two years, to put a smile on the sick children's face. After that he was entertaining the guests of several cruise ships for over three years.

After he returned to Hungary, he performed his shows several times, both in hungarian and english. He was working for big companies such as Billerbeck, SCANIA, Pappas Auto, Austrotherm, Wellis, Marso Kft. and the BKV Zrt.
He has performed at the Hungarian Embassy of London and he was a guest entertainer at big events like PLAY IT, Coop Rally and BrainBar.
He is a resident performer at The House of Houdini Budapest and the Lámpás Pub.
In the last couple of years he is also teaching the art of magic and mentalism in the form of different courses and workshops.

Magic in the office

A unique magical experience for companies and corporations!

Would you like to surprise your employees with something memorable?

Szabolcs Molnár Mentalist and Magician has a special offer for you. For your request he will visit your offices on a workday and entertain your people in every room with the most amazing magic and mentalism.

Everybody deserves 10 minutes of enlightenment on a hard workday! :)

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Are you interested in magic? Would you like to learn a few tricks you can amaze other people with? This will also help you to get better sleight of hand and to increase your creativity. Would you like to become a professional magician? Szabolcs is happy to help you. His students are successful in practicing their magic skills, some of them already have their own shows.

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If you have any questions about the shows or you would like to book your show already, please contact us on one of the following!