Szabolcs Molnár

I wish You a pleasant journey into the world magic,
mentalism and mystery.
I hope You can find the show
that is suitable for you.

Yours sincerely,
The Mentalist Magician


Szabolcs Molnár's unique shows are going to make Your event memorable for sure. It does not matter whether it's a business meeting, a corporate event, a birthday party, a bachelorette party, a wedding or even a house party, Your guests are going to have a good time! Of course, these are just examples, the possibilities are only limited by You!

Stage Show

Szabolcs perfected this show when he was performing on cruise ships. He entertained thousands of people around the world, including Australia, Europe and the USA. This show is not like any other. It's completely interactive and it's about the audience's private thoughts and emotions.

The spectators really get an idea, how does it feel when someone is reading their minds and manipulate their feelings – of course, only for the sake of entertainment! Is there really a sixth sense? Is it possible to see blindfolded? How did the old mediums convince people about their supernatural powers? How does someone become a magician? Last, but not least, is the performer leaving the stage alive?

A combination of mentalism, hipnotism and magic will guarantee that the audience will experience laughter, amazement, emotion and even freaking out!

This show is recommended for corporate shows or bigger events, where the audience is expecting intellectual entertainment.


Close-Up Show

Performing magic close-up is suitable for any kind of environment. It's always a lot more intimate and a lot more memorable for the audience to see things right in front of their faces. With this type of perfromance everything will happen literally in their hands and minds.

The style of the performance is exactly the same as the stage show, the only difference is that the performer is walking around the spectators / tables and amaze everyone or he is the one who is sitting at a table and people sit or stand around him while he is doing the show.

From all the arts and crafts of magic and mentalism, this was the very first kind Szabolcs became familiar with and he still says that nothing has an impact on the audience as powerful as a good close-up performance does. His humour and excellent improvisational skills are two things for breaking the ice between Your guests, give them quality entertainment and some good memories.

This show is recommended when there is no stage or not enough performance space. It's perfect for cocktail parties, weddings, smaller events, birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties.




Check out some of the pictures taken during performances and photo shootings or visit Szabolcs Molnár's YouTube channel for video footage.


Szabolcs Molnár was born in 1991 in the south part of Hungary, in small a city called Baja. He is fascinated about the mysteries of magic and mentalism ever since he was a little boy. He performed several one man shows, participated in one of the most popular hungarian talent shows and he was one of the best twenty-four competitors. Other than that he was going around the hospitals in Budapest over two years, to put a smile on the children's face who wish to get better. Last but not least, he was entertaining the guests of several cruise ships for over two and half years. Interview with Szabolcs.

What's the difference for you between magic and mentalism?

Magic is a lifestyle for me. It is acting at it's best, it is the most romantic movie, it is the most beautiful painting, it is everything in one. Art. For a real magician, it isn't about mystification. It isn't about showing off, it's about giving something to the other. That's where mentalism comes into view. People aren't looking for explanations, because there are no explanations. It's not about the performer anymore, it's about the spectators. About their emotions and thoughts. About questions and answers, about past, present and future. Mentalism is intimate. Mentalism touches you. Mentalism is real. It's not only about freaking you out, it's about shaping your soul. A good magician or mentalist means a person who can drag you out of your everyday life. As long as he is on the stage and we are watching him, listening to him, experiencing his presence, there is no sadness or sorrow for us, only the world he is creating for us. And at the end, when we are leaving the theatre, maybe he even gives us a little hope, hope that there is still something. We can still believe in miracles. We can accomplish the impossible, if we really want it.

What's the key to a great performance piece?

Simplicity. If we think about a wizard from a tale, he's only doing things that are simple. Most of the time something will appear or disappear. Maybe that thing transform into something else. Maybe he is going to predict someone's future. Spontanity and simplicity can change the magician's trick into real magic. He demonstrates the kind of skill we all would love to own.

Why did you start doing magic?

Superheroes always inspired me. Ever since I was a little boy, I am reading their comic books, reading their stories and watching all the movies about them. All of them possess a special ability. There is more than one magician between them, there are some mind readers and there are some with other magical abilities. Most importantly each and every one of them has a human side, that's why sometimes their stories seem so realistic. I always wanted to be at least similar to them.


You have been entertaining the guests of several cruise ships for over two and a half years. You can say you performed all around the world. What did you learn during your journey?


I would say there was a lot to learn, because I performed for a different audience every day. In my free time I studied magic and performance arts in general. The best thing about it was, that whenever I learned something new I could put it into practice immediately. I could practice on people from different cultures and races. It's a fast and effective way of learning new things, I see many things very differently than I did before my traveling.


Are you interested in magic? Would you like to learn a few tricks you can amaze other people with? This will also help you to get better sleight of hand and to increase your creativity. Would you like to become a professional magician? Szabolcs is happy to help you. His students are successful in practicing their magic skills, some of them already have their own shows.


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